Sanar Aesthetics

Jenise Rodriguez

Helping people regain their skins health and confidence has always been a passion for me.  I remember helping my Mom her with blackheads when I was a kid.  In High school I helped a few friends clear up their acne.  They would come to my house and I would extract away and help them pick products to keep it up.  In college I began experimenting with wax on my poor friends!  In that time I discovered what an Esthetician did and signed up at Naperville Skin Institute and never looked back. 

I've been practicing since 2007, working in spa's all over the beautiful city of Chicago. I enjoyed meeting people working as an Esthetician in the beginning of my career and started to grow my clientele,  I  managed a few spas  and even rented a room at a salon for a short time.    As I moved locations my clients followed and always encouraged me to do more.  When I came across the opportunity to open my own Spa the support from my clients, family and friends was amazing, so I took the leap!

I want you to feel safe and comfortable while you're here, so please know as you enter my space it also becomes yours.  My goal is for women and men to be able to afford to keep up their self care without hurting their pockets.  I treat a lot of Acne and specialize in Brazilian Waxing!

I understand how much our skin can affect us not only physically but emotionally too.  I hope you trust me on this journey to a healthier skin.